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  • Develops knowledge base for growth in Norway


    In the middle of an exciting phase of growth, several of the industry’s leading RAS experts have now joined to develop AquaOptima’s expertise further.

  • AquaOptima and Vikan Settefisk to collaborate on RAS facility


    AquaOptima and Vikan Settefisk has signed an agreement concerning the construction of a smolt and post-smolt facility on Frøya. The foundations are nearly complete, and the facility is scheduled for completion in late 2019.

  • Eskil Forås among AquaOptima’s latest reinforcements


    Over the last few months, AquaOptima has strengthened its team in several roles to be better rigged for delivering more and bigger projects. Industry veteran Eskil Forås is one of the most recent additions.

  • Astrid Buran Holan elected President of AES


    Senior Advisor Astrid Buran Holan (PhD) of AquaOptima is elected President of the Aquacultural Engineering Society (AES).

  • AquaOptima delivers RAS technology for pilot project


    The RAS facility will be built on Fjord Base Florø in collaboration with the INC company Havlandet Marin Yngel

  • AquaOptima primed for expansion


    After 25 years AquaOptima is raising the bar. Having systematically brought in new expertise and purposefully developed new technology, the company is now stronger than it has ever been. With the support of our powerful sibling company Steinsvik, we proudly present a new logo and a new visual profile.

  • New visual profile for AquaOptima


    We are now launching our new website and visual profile.

  • Vi kan satse tøffere enn før


    Fisk: Med laksekonge Gustav Witzøe i ryggen skal oppdrettsdesignerne i AquaOptima bli verdensledene. Men det svinger ikke av tallene ennå.

  • Kverva-kontrollerte Steinsvik Group kjøper 59,7% av aksjene i AquaOptima


    Kverva-kontrollerte Steinsvik Group kjøper 59,7% av aksjene i AquaOptima