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Develops knowledge base for growth in Norway

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Develops knowledge base for growth in Norway

In the middle of an exciting phase of growth, several of the industry’s leading RAS experts have now joined to develop AquaOptima’s expertise further.


As the company plans to take a larger and larger market share in Norway, and at the same time maintain its strong international foothold, a lot of work is now being done to further develop the research and knowledge that form the basis for RAS deliveries to the market. The knowledge database, among other things, makes it possible for AquaOptima to deliver installations of high quality in an efficient manner.


In the recent period, AquaOptima has recruited several new employees. The team has, for example, been strengthened by established names like Eskil Forås. In addition, AquaOptima founder Idar Schei, world leading RAS scientist Thomas Losordo and expert on membranes and water quality, Astrid Buran Holan, have worked closely together on the further development of AquaOptima’s knowledge database.

Collection of new competence
Astrid Buran Holan, who joined the company in 2017, has previously worked in Nofima with research on RAS. Buran Holan was head-hunted to AquaOptima because of her expert knowledge within water quality and membrane technology.


Wanted updating
When Buran Holan joined the company, she saw a potential for efficiency improvements and further development. She contacted Losordo to get him to Trondheim to contribute in the work. Now, Losordo, Buran Holan and Schei have worked to develop the databases further in accordance with the most recent research on RAS technology.


- I have followed AquaOptima for many years. They were the first to make use of the best technology in the industry and have been in the forefront all the way by looking to leading research in the field, and by carrying out their own innovation work, says Buran Holan.


Astrid Buran Holan on board
– Astrid is a newcomer with a great potential and a rock-solid theoretical background. I have given her the greatest form of praise I am able to give. After retiring from my position at the North Carolina State University, a tenure track position was established and Astrid was one of four persons in the whole world I asked to apply for the position. She has a good name in Norway and Europe, says Thomas.


Idar Schei adds that he wanted to employ Buran Holan when he himself was CEO of the company.


Predicts membrane trend in the future
Idar and Tom, who have worked closely in AquaOptima and the RAS industry for several decades, think that Astrid’s field of expertise is very exciting.

- As the installations are gradually becoming more self-contained, and the membranes less expensive, Astrid’s PhD will have great influence on the RAS industry, Losordo predicts.


Astrid has, on her part, read Idar’s and Thomas’ research papers ever since she started her studies, and has, just as Tom and Idar, kept herself updated on the latest research in the field of RAS.


The company has kept its position as front runner in the technology race due to systematic building of knowledge, a type of work that was started by entrepreneur Schei - in close collaboration with Thomas Losordo.


Expert on dimensioning
Losordo was one of the first to describe how installations of various sizes and types should be dimensioned to obtain optimal water quality, depending on factors like flow, water quantity, removal of ammonia and particles - and the size of the bio-filter.


Actually, it was the particle trap system OptiTrap that brought the two seasoned RAS experts together. Losordo discovered OptiTrap, that was developed by AquaOptima, and found that this was a very efficient manner in which to remove particles from the water. AquaOptima founder Idar was one of the inventors - and he travelled around the world to talk about the system, which has now been named OptiTrap, and about the other innovations that AquaOptima has developed. The two met frequently in conferences around the globe.


The knowledge and the basis for calculation has now been systematically updated, and not just stored in the heads of the experts in AquaOptima and in Losordo’s own files - but also available in all future projects.


This means that AquaOptima, faster and with a higher degree of certainty, is able to find the best solutions to produce optimal water quality in future RAS installations.


Builds further on the success formula
Even though the for further development of the knowledge database is now coming to its conclusion, Buran Holan maintains that the industry is in a state of continuous change and that this requires continuous work.

- We always keep up with the latest developments and adapt to established and verified research at all times. AquaOptima is based on innovation, empirical data and knowledge. These are the same building blocks we will continue to use.