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Eskil Forås among AquaOptima’s latest reinforcements

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Eskil Forås among AquaOptima’s latest reinforcements

Over the last few months, AquaOptima has strengthened its team in several roles to be better rigged for delivering more and bigger projects. Industry veteran Eskil Forås is one of the most recent additions.


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“To facilitate the delivery of more and larger turnkey RAS facilities, we have strengthened our team. The reinforcements mean that we will work closer on all future processes and projects. Having new owners in the form of the Steinsvik Group, enable us to increase our effort in the Norwegian market - and particularly on the biggest projects,” says CEO Børge Søraas.


Experience from the whole value chain
Eskil Forås will take on the role as COO. He will be positioned to influence the quality of all the deliveries AquaOptima makes in the time to come. Forås has extensive experience from the whole value chain and adds experience and insight from the start till the end of all types of projects.


As Forås has fish farming experience from Hydro Seafood, technological experience from AkvaGroup, several years as a scientist and in addition comes from the position as fish farming consultant in Rambøll, he is ideal for this position.
“AquaOptima works closely with its customers through the complete delivery. Therefore, Eskil’s fields of expertise are perfect for the role,” says Søraas. He adds that Forås is accurate, structured and a driving force in all the projects he is involved in.


Frees resources around himself
Forås sees great opportunities in light of the fact that the RAS deliveries in Norway are increasingly professionalized.
“The customers want an increasing degree of professionalism in all parts of the process. The facilities are getting bigger and better, and at the same time, more efficient.  The execution of such projects requires even close follow-up and more in-depth knowledge,” says Forås.


The fact that Forås takes the role as Chief Operating Officer means that important knowledge is added to the AquaOptima team. In addition, this hiring of Forås will free resources from other employees that previously have worked with several areas of expertise. Now and in the future they can, to a greater extent, work exclusively with what they are best at.


Turnkey RAS
Managing director Søraas explains that the changes in the market, and the new ownership, provide a solid basis for growth.
- Where we previously have received orders for technology and individual parts of facilities, the customers now want us to deliver turnkey facilities. This requires changes.


“As we get room for more specialization in each role, we also grow both in terms of competence and numbers. This makes us better equipped for fast and top-quality deliveries. Our competitive edge regarding pricing in particular is strengthened as a consequence of this,” says Søraas.


More team members
In addition to Forås, AquaOptima has also employed Trond Karlsen as Sales Manager.


“We have had a thorough process where we sought a clever and structured Sales and Marketing Manager. This is what we have found in Trond. In many ways, he will be AquaOptima’s official representative,” says Søraas.


Both Forås, Karlsen and the other new employees have taken up their positions and are already contributing in current projects.