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Plans of Indian aquaculture cooperation

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    Plans of Indian aquaculture cooperation

    AquaOptima AS and Samudraratna Ltd. has signed an MoU that includes a possible future aquaculture cooperation in India.

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Plans of Indian aquaculture cooperation

AquaOptima AS and Samudraratna Ltd. has signed an MoU that includes a possible future aquaculture cooperation in India.


As a part of Prime Minister Erna Solberg’s delegation in Mumbai, AquaOptima’s CEO, Børge Søraas, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that will secure the collaboration.


Complete Delivery
The Agreement concerns a complete delivery of fish farming solutions related to the popular edible fish barramundi. In total, the plan is an annual production of 3,000 tons. 


– We received an inquiry via Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Embassy in India, from Samudraratna Ltd. The Indian company wants to develop as an industrial player within aquaculture. They want a complete project with full scale technology for both land-based fish farming and fish farming at sea, says Søraas.



Norwegian RAS competence
In addition to production of smolt in RAS facilities, as well as fish farming in net cages and feed barges, transfer of competence within fish farming and fish health is an important part of the agreement. Børge Søraas signed on behalf of the Kverva owned company Scale Aquaculture.

AquaOptima will, together with the associated companies in Scale Aquaculture, Aqualine, Steinsvik and Patogen, be responsible for the development of what may become a Norwegian fish farming adventure in Asia.


– It is both fun and exciting that an Indian company looks to Norway and us for RAS technology and full-scale development of fish farming, says Søraas.


Well-known species
With extensive experience within farming of barramundi, AquaOptima also has the knowledge and the technology that is required for fish farming solutions in tropical environments.


– Barramundi is a well-known species to us and is one of several species about which we have leading competence. This project fits well into the line of the work we have previously done in Asia and is particularly comparable with the technology we employ in Bangladesh and Indonesia, Søraas explains.



Technology in demand
The next step in the project is to prepare the details in the delivery, before the work starts in February.

As for AquaOptima, the deal is one of several new RAS-collaborations.


– The number of orders increased considerably last year. We notice that the RAS technology is in demand both in Norway and globally. Focus on optimum water quality and fish welfare is important in the industry, and we are proud to be leading in the development, a most satisfied Børge Søraas concludes.


Local newspaper Adresseavisen has also written about the agreement in this story. (In Norwegian and behind paywall)