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OptiFarm RAS system

In a RAS facility, both the individual components and the big picture matter. We build turnkey systems that ensure optimal water quality.


OptiFarm, our concept for a complete RAS facility, is designed for ideal fish health and growth, and every single component in the system works and contributes to this.

The OptiFarm system offers effective self-cleaning tanks, optimal circulation speed and excellent water quality which promotes thriving fish, ideal fish production and an even distribution of fish throughout the tank volume.

OptiFarm consists of several different components, including OptiTrap, OptiFlow and OptiTank.


AquaOptima delivers turnkey RAS facilities for smolt, post-smolt and fish of all sizes up to and including slaughter weight.

Aqua Optima is a total supplier of all components for RAS facilities. We have the financial strength and the expertise required to deliver any kind of facility—and contribute throughout the process—from the planning and design phase to the construction and start-up, including service and maintenance.


Safe and efficient facilities


Our extensive experience from the aquaculture industry, our scientific and research-based approach, and our technological solutions mean you can enjoy an effective and area-efficient facility with optimal water quality.

All our tanks have self-cleaning properties and ideal water hydraulics. Removing particles, big and small, from the water environment as soon as possible is a key factor in achieving an optimal water environment. Our technology removes unwanted elements from the water quickly and reintroduces necessary and vitalizing qualities to the water. 

We deliver systems that ensure optimal fish health, steady growth and an even distribution of fish throughout the tank by implementing ideal technological solutions at every stage and through comprehensive planning and dimensioning.


Global experience — and a wide range of species


AquaOptima has delivered RAS facilities and RAS components in more than 35 countries. We have long-standing expertise from both fresh and saltwater farming, and we have worked with a wide variety of both warm and cold-water species, including:


Salmon Rainbow trout
Arctic char Atlantic cod
Eel Grouper
Hirame Pollock
Shrimp Sturgeon
Barramundi Sea bass
Whitefish Tiger puffer fish
Sea bream Halibut
Tilapia Turbot



RAS facilities


A recirculating aquaculture system needs considerable less new water compared to a flow-through, or raceway, system. The RAS only needs a small inlet (intake water) and a small outlet (waste water). In addition to significantly reducing the need for new, fresh water, a RAS also gives you the possibility to gain complete control of the small amount of inlet water.


Choosing a well-designed and dimensioned RAS means you are in complete control of the water environment. An AquaOptima RAS facility not only offers complete control of the water environment—the system also uses as little intake water as possible thus reducing your long-term operating costs.


We know what it takes to keep a facility profitable, even down the line. As a result, we design and build systems that are reliable, efficient and modern—and we will be there for you whenever you need us, for service, maintenance or if you want to expand your production.


Recirculating systems need very little new water, and it’s easy to control this factor. Small variations in water quality can have major consequences. A flow through system would at certain periods during the year take in large quantities of cold water, and heating this water to an optimal temperature can get quite expensive. This is something you don’t have to worry about with a closed RAS. 


We specialize in delivering systems that are area-efficient, and we always find a solution that works with the geographical challenges found at any site. 

AquaOptima is now a part of

Scale AQ

After years of Working Together, we are joining our colleagues in Aqualine and Steinsvik to form ScaleAQ - the new world leader in aquaculture.

Together we will create growth in aquaculture by delivering digital technology, engineering, infrastructure and services in a dependable, sustainable and innovative way.