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OptiFlow is a water inlet system for self-cleaning of the tanks. The system consists of an inlet pipe, current inducers and sensors monitoring the water flow, in addition to the tank itself, OptiTank.

The tank is designed with optimal tank hydraulics in mind—a tank where the water quality is equally good in all areas of the tank and where the water is introduced in such a way that it both keeps the tank clean and the fish happy.


Tank hydraulics is an important factor for making sure the environment is optimal for fish health and growth. In addition, we work hard to make sure the fish is raised in an environment that does not cause stress or discomfort. Every choice we make is about creating the best possible environment for the fish—from the colour of the tank, its size and its internal surface, to the water intake and outlet configuration.

Furthermore, our tank and inlet system enable formation of water currents, which ensure that the fish is raised in an environment that feels more natural.


We have worked with fish farming facilities of every size—large and small—and with most species of farmed fish in the world. We know how to achieve the best possible tank hydraulics for your facility.

AquaOptima is now a part of

Scale AQ

After years of Working Together, we are joining our colleagues in Aqualine and Steinsvik to form ScaleAQ - the new world leader in aquaculture.

Together we will create growth in aquaculture by delivering digital technology, engineering, infrastructure and services in a dependable, sustainable and innovative way.