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System designed to remove particles from the tank.


OptiTrap makes sure that large particles are removed from the tank almost immediately as they are formed. OptiTrap removes 95 percent of the settable particles from the water, effectively laying the groundwork for maintaining optimal water quality in the tank at all times.


It is very important to remove the large particles before they have time to dissolve into smaller particles and release nutrients. Removing fine particles and colloids from the water is much more complex. This solution saves you both time and energy, and it reduces the load on the rest of your facility.


OptiTrap essentially consists of a slit at the centre of the tank, which catches any settleable particles, and a small sludge collector mounted on the out-side of the tank. The minor, yet particle-rich water flow is diverted to the sludge collector, where the particles are separated out before the water is returned to circulation.


OptiTrap is maintenance free and easy to clean. All you have to do to keep the system in good working order is to ensure compliance with appropriate feeding procedures and to clean the OptiTrap hoses regularly. This is much more user-friendly than other methods, which normally require thorough cleaning and maintenance. 

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