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Silage container

The silage container 3S-FC-5/10 -20FT from Steinsvik is specially designed to process dead fish, meeting the biosafety protocols required worldwide.


This system features; a grinder, an acidification bomb and a storage pond with the capacity of 8,000 liters. All components are connected by a stainless steel piping and managed through a control panel to provide an easy operation.



  • Adaptable to any type of production center (modular)
  • High reliability and durability of all equipment
  • Easy to operate
  • Comes with a seaworthiness certificate

Technical specifications

Model 3S-FC-5/10 -20FT
Engine Siemens
Power 13 kW (17,5 HP)
Energy consumption 28 A
Voltage 380 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Material AISI 316 L, AISI 304, PE
Capacity 650 kg/h
Storage 8.000 l
Salmon size < 8 kg
Dry weight 3.200 kg

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Scale AQ

After years of Working Together, we are joining our colleagues in Aqualine and Steinsvik to form ScaleAQ - the new world leader in aquaculture.

Together we will create growth in aquaculture by delivering digital technology, engineering, infrastructure and services in a dependable, sustainable and innovative way.