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UV Systems

UV Station is supplied as a compact turnkey unit with flanges ready for connection to the facility's water supply system. The purification process starts with the water being filtered through Aquafilter, a self-flushing pressure filter that removes particles before the water is disinfected in the UV filter.


UV Station is a water purification station that is adjusted to the needs of each facility and the water purifying requirements of the authorities. The quantity of water is regulated and controlled using an electro-magnetic flow metre that can also manage frequency-controlled pumps. In the case of a water stoppage, the UV unit will automatically shut down. An alarm will be activated if the UV Station malfunctions. The UV Station can be delivered as an assembled unit in a container or it can be assembled on site ready for connection to the pumping station. We can also design and deliver a complete system where the UV Station is an integrated part of a seawater pumping station.


UV Disinfection
Safe water quality is required by the authorities. UV treatment of water is one of the easiest and safest methods of preventing the spread of disease through water. It is extremely important that samples of the water's UV transmission are taken over time. The UV transmission gives an indication of the water's ability to absorb UV irradiation.


UV transmission is measured as a percentage, at 1 cm or 5 cm. The results are used to calculate the capacity of the UV filter. The stated capacity is often calculated on the basis of ideal transmission in water. Water usually has a lower transmission, which means that the capacity on individual sites goes down. Good preliminary studies will give better utilisation of the UV facility. Steinsvik supplies several different UV facilities, which we can adapt to meet the needs of the user.


Flow meter
UV Station includes an integrated and programmed electro-magnetic flow meter. The flow meter, together with the PLS automatic system, can be connected to other components in the facility. For example, the pumps can be adjusted using frequency converters.


Technical descriptions

  • UV Station is supplied for water quantities as requested by the customer
  • The degree of filtration for the particle filter ranges from the requirements of the authorities down to 90 my
  • UV radiation with UV dose in accordance with current requirements from the authorities or customer specifications

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