Products and services

AquaOptima is a supplier of RAS (recirculation aquaculture systems) since 1993, and has designed and supplied hatcheries and grow-out land-based farms world wide for a variety of cold and warm water species.



The AquaOptima system is named ECOFISH™ and has related product names as:

Eco-Trap – This AquaOptima invented system removes particles as excrement and feed waste very efficiently and rapidly from the tank. Removal of 98 % of feed waste and 91 % of excrement are documented in flow-through systems, and ca 50 % of the suspended solids in a RAS, this by only using 2-3 % of the water flowing through the tank to separate these particles from the main outlet. No other dual drain system on the market can document similar efficiency and removal of particles by use of such a small amount of water.

Eco-Flow – combined water inlet in tanks, current inducer and flow meter.

Oxygen saturator – for dissolving oxygen in water, one per tank to make monitoring and control of oxygen in tanks the most easily way.

Eco-tank – octagonal tanks, to give most efficient self-cleaning and even velocity, water quality and thus fish distribution in whole tank volume.

The rights of the products Eco-Trap, Eco-Flow and Oxygen saturator is since 01.01.2013 acquired by Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc, USA, who is responsible for the manufacturing, marketing and sales.

Monitoring & control

AquaOptima provides a very modern automation system controlling oxygen dosage in all tanks, pH adjustment for optimal biofiltration, inverters for pumps and blowers, alarms for all logging parameters and motors and internet access to provide service from our base in Norway. By use of SCADA this parameters are visually displayed in the control room.

AquaOptima RAS

AquaOptima has developed industrial products and its own system for intensive fish farming in tanks and recirculation of water – RAS. The system is based on removal of solids directly from fish tanks that ensures better water quality inside tank and better suitability for treatment of water in prior to recirculation.

AquaOptima is independent in choice of equipment, as suppliers of pumps, oxygen and ozone generators, feeders, fish handling equipment, sensors and control systems. In this way we can provide clients with the most optimal system for each project, depending of location of sites throughout the world.