REFERENCE LIST – Recirculation systems (RAS)

All projects below relates to signed contracts, under construction or/and in operation. These are a few selected References, for complete list, use the Download function at the top

SibInvestStroy – Kharp, Russia

RAS for sturgeon meat and caviar production, and fingerling production for White Fish. Design and engineering in 2014, equipment supply and construction in 2015, first fish input fall 2015.

FINDFRESH – Portugal

500 tons/y Eel RAS

Design, Engineering and Equipment supply. Commissioning completed summer 2016.

Video from construction and completion of the eel farm

PT Yapen Mandiri Sejahtera Hatchery & Fisheries – Indonesia

Design of Barramundi Hatchery to produce 1 million of 20 grams fingerlings per year, sea cages for grow-out of Barramundi and sea cages for fattening of Tuna.
Engineering fall 2014, supply of equipment and construction from February 2015.
Press report from Intrafish.



Smolt production RAS

Design and Engineering waste water treatment, 2012.
Design and budget analysis for RAS freshwater and seawater and post-smelt production, 2014 and 2015.


Atlantic salmon RAS

Design, Engineering and equipment supply, 2010. Training of staff from hatching to smolt, fall 2010.

NOFIMA – Norway


Design, Engineering, equipment supply of complete system 2009. Videolink.

DOF – Thailand

Hatchery Barramundi RAS

Design and Engineering RAS, equipment supply of RAS, summer 2012. Training of staff during operation stage 2013.

Kanmonkai, Japan – Tiger Puffer Fish

Design, engineering, supply of equipment and commissioning, 2002


CIP – Cuba

Marine hatchery RAS

Design, Engineering and supply of equipment, 2013.

AQUACAMPUS d.o.o – Croatia

200 tons/y Pikeperch RAS farm

Design and Engineering, 2012-2013

STRONG Ltd – Bulgaria

100 tons/y Turbot RAS farm

Design and Engineering, fall 2012 / winter 2013

ATLANTIC COD JUVENILES (earlier Fosen Aquasenter) – Norway

5 million 15 grams Atlantic Cod per year, (also produced 1 million 75 grams per year

Design, Engineering, supply of equipment, 2002 for hatchery and fingerling production.


5 million 10 grams Atlantic Cod per year

Design, Engineering, supply of equipment, 2002 for hatchery and fingerling production.